Tea Lights Candles Aromatherapy Candles Bulk (48 Pack) | Long Lasting Burning Soy Tea Lights | Scented Tealight with Essential & Natural Oils | Gifts Set for Women, Small Votive Candles for Home

4 FRAGRANCE SCENT: Tealight candle gift set with 48 pack, which includes 4 Fragrances – Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig, Fresh Spring.
BURNING TIME: Every one tealights scented candles have a 4-hours burn time, enough for most dinners weddings parties or special occasions you need to enhance the decoration.
NATURAL MATERIALS: Tea lights scented candles are made of natural soy wax, pure cotton thread and essential oil. Rich and long-lasting fragrance makes you feel comfortable. You can enjoy the warmth of smokeless long-burning tea candles.

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TKFK Aromatherapy Scented Candle…

★ LAVENDER WONDER – Lavender is a wonderful and familiar aroma that brings a calm and soothing effect, eliminating irritability, relieving pressure and helping you get a peaceful night’s sleep. And it is also an ideal gift option for your family or friends on birthday, Mother’s Day, wedding and so on.
★ IDEAL FOR AROMATHERAPY & MEDITATION – Our special blend of lavender does not just offer an indulgent smell but is also the perfect stress-relieving relaxing aromatherapy companion, use it during yoga, while at a spa or bathing; allow the smell will lull you into a peaceful meditation.
★ SIZE & BURN TIME – 13.12oz/372g. Long-lasting burning of 35-45 hours guaranteed to bring you maximized relaxation.

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TOFU Scented Candles Gift Set

✔ REAL CITRONELLA CANDLE – Made using highly scented natural Citronella oils to help get rid of odors in the surrounding environment and fill the air with a nice and pleasant aroma. The scent is long lasting and scented through the whole burning process.
✔ ENHANCED PROTECTION – A high ratio of 7% Natural Citronella oil combines with pure soy wax into a perfect blend. These outdoor candles release the best fresh scents while maximizing the repellent barrier against mosquitoes and other flying insects.
✔ NON-TOXIC – Pure essential oil extracted through a Eco-friendly process blended into naturally biodegradable soy wax, these vegan candles burn to clean the air with fragrance that is entirely free from paraffin and harmful residues.

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Winbattle Candle Scented Candle, Natural Soy Wax, Outdoor and Indoor

Pure handmade lead-free lamp core woven with 100% environmentally friendly soybean wax and 100% cotton thread
Pure natural peppermint essential oil
A crude pottery container made by hand in a reusable traditional process

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XYUT Citronella Candle Outdoor Indoor Aromatherapy Stress Relief Pure Soy Wax 3-Wick Scented Candles 80 Hour Burn Highly Scented Long Lasting (14.5 Ounce, Glass)

AROMATHERAPY NATURAL RELIEF FOR STRESS & ANXIETY – Three-wick candle and natural citronella essential oils calm the mind and help to relieve insomnia.
NATURAL SOY WAX – Made from natural soy wax and essential oils from the citronella plant. Along with the 100% lead-free organic cotton wick, providing a cleaner, longer burn.
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR – Safe and gentle enough to use indoors, and works perfectly as an outdoor citronella candle, making it an ideal accompaniment on your next holiday.

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XYUT Citronella Candles,Wax Bucket Candle Seaside Escape 8-Pack

*2 oz galvanized bucket
*Mini Metal Tin Bucket Citronella Candle , Set of 8
*Burn time – Up to 12 hours -15hours

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YIH Scented Candles

✔ THE CANDLES: Made of 100 % natural soy wax. This scented candles was obtained by hand pouring it into a high quality pillar black glass jar. Scented candles will be sent with black beautiful bulk carton box. You can buy this beautiful candle for yourself. You can also gift to your partners. You will have a beautiful decoration object with a stylish look in your home. Also when you long burn the black natural scented candles, the smell and soy wax help you relax.
✔ THE SCENT: This aromatherapy scented candle is produced using high quality aromatherapy essential oils and natural soy wax. The fragrance ratio in the candle is each 2 oz. It also gives your home a fresh and natural flowers fragrance. If you like the fresh smell of flowers and the smell of grass, this smell can meet your expectations. Lemon, Lavender, Rose ,Jasmine,Vanilla,Bergamot.
✔ BURNING TIME: Each of these natural fragrance soy wax candles has a clean and smokless burning time of approximately 12-15 hours. To avoid breaking the glass jar, please do not burn the wick after the burning time of the soy wax has been completed.

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Fragrance Scents: Lemon, Fig, Lavender, Spring Fresh,Rose ,Jasmine,Vanilla,Bergamot, 8 Perfumes in 1 Set
Long Burning Time: Each 2.5 Oz can burns 18-20 hours, total 144-160 hours burning last
Natural Soy Wax: Made of natural Soy wax, pure cotton thread and essential oil, No Smoke when burning

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YIIA Scented Candles

SIZE: 8×2.5oz fluid ounces of wax melts, 1 inch x 6 inch square cubes.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Our wax melts are handmade , We use all- natural soy wax mixed with high quality fragrance and essential oils.
USE: All of our Soy wax products are of the highest quality. We manufacture of products to burns slow, clean and eco-friendly for a long lasting experience. They’re safe to use almost anywhere and will freshen up any room where placed (bedrooms, kitchens, offices, spas). Great for relaxation, stress relief, and as an air freshener

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YINUO LIGHT ScentedCandles

WELCOMING FRAGRANCE – This gift set includes 4 tins of scented candle: Lavender, Cider, Violet, Spring fresh
NATURAL SOY WAX – Made from natural soy wax and pure-grade natural essential oils, along with the lead-free organic cotton wick, providing a cleaner, longer burn.
LONG LASTING – 4.4 OZ each candle burns approximately 25 – 30 hours and measures 3″ wide x 2″ tall.

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4 Popular Fragrance: Freesia, Lavender, Rosemary and French Vanilla.Lit up one candle and fill your home with calming fragrances which awaken your senses and create a refreshing and clean aromatic environment for your home.
Natural Materials: Soy candles are made of natural soy wax, pure cotton thread and essential oil. No smoke when burning. Candles burn evenly and all the way to the edges reducing the amount of wasted wax.
Long Burning Time: Size: L2.95’’ x H 2.95’’, 120g (4.4 oz) per candle.Burn Hour: 25-30 hours, allows you to enjoy the scent nearly all day or a little longer time. Whole set lasts about 120 hours’ burning time.It can be used about one week if keep on burning.

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✔RICH FRAGRANCE – Scented candles gift set with 8 pack, which includes 6 Fragrances- Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, Mint, SEE KAY, Spring.
✔NATURAL SOY WAX & HIGHLY SCENTED – Made with 93% natural soy wax, evenly burning and produce no black smoke, more healthier, harmless to human body and environment. And 7% of imported essential oils which is higher than others. After working, light up one candle and the aroma will fill the whole room.
✔LONG LASTING TIME – 2.5oz per each, 20 – 25 hours burning time.Providing aromatherapy, creating mood enhancing atmospheres, relief and relaxation for you and guests.

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