Aromatherapy Candle

AIMASI Scented Candles Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle,Set Gift of 4

Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, this classic scent combines a top note of green citrus with a bottom note of fresh clean fragrance.
2.2 oz & burns for a 12-15 hours. Size: Diameter 1.8″ x 2.6 H
This eco pure soy scented candle has a beautiful scent throw that evaporates into the atmosphere, improving your living room creating instant ambiance.

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Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets, Candles Scented, Pet Odor Eliminator & Animal Lover Gift

WHAT OUR CLIENT SAYS “The scent of this candle so awesome. I have noticed that my atmosphere is more tranquil. I am giving the delivery, packing and ultimately the product 5 stars! I will be ordering the Aromatherapy Spray soon. I would like to try the Grapefruit Spearmint candle”
VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED! Our products are vet recommended as seen in Cesar’s Way Magazine & Modern Dog Magazine.
MADE IN USA These Soy Pet Candles are Handmade in USA, include Gift Box, 40 hour burn time, 6 OZ (170 g)

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Aromatherapy Scented Candles – Blue Lotus Essential Oil Stress Relief Soy Candles

★ VANILLA COCONUT CANDLE – The floral elegance of vanilla orchid gradually gives way to the intensity of the pod. Coconut takes precedence, blending with vanilla and tonka bean to reveal a balsam bourbon vanilla with smooth and floral accents.
★FRAGRANT ALL OVER – Vanilla infuses a pungent punch of sweetness that promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality while coconut softens the scent and possesses health-enhancing properties. It will give you hours of aromatic pleasure no matter how long you burn.
★SIZE & BURN TIME – 6.5 oz/185g, size 2.4”H x 3.7”D. Long-lasting burning of 40-45 hours guaranteed to bring you maximized relaxation.

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Art of the Root Money Drawing 8 oz Soy Spell Candle for Wealth, Financial Security, Prosperity & Abundance (Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo, Magick)

Natural Soy 8 oz Candle for Wealth, Prosperity, Cash, Business Growth & Abundance
Includes Real Herbs & Essential Oils In Every Candle
Made with Allspice, Cinnamon & Bayberry and other Money Related Herbs and Oils

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Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Aromatherapy Candle in LOVE — ROSE & VANILLA

Bath and Body Works Love Rose + Vanilla 3 Wick Candle 14.5 Ounce
Rose Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract – Relax & restore feelings of connection & self confidence with the Perfect 3-Wick Candle
Topped with a decorative lid

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Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Scented Candle 14.5 OZ
Exclusive blend of vegetable wax and wicks that won’t burn out
Burns approximately 25 – 45 hours and measures 4″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall

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CREASHINE Gift Sets Women Scented Candles Natural Soy Wax Candles Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Outdoor Citronella Candle, Set of 4

Scented Candles Set – This Hermès-style candle, each fragrance we have added an environmentally friendly, non-toxic mosquito repellent ingredient, and uses high-tech technology to retain the original fragrance. It contains four fragrances Violet, Lavender, Cider Scent and Spring Fresh.
A Mild Formula—–the vast majority of mosquito repellent candles on the market smell bad. But this new matching mosquito repellent candle not only has a good mosquito repellent effect, but also retains the original fragrance, which can be safely used by pregnant women and children.
Natural Soy Wax Candles- –Made from natural soy wax and pure-grade natural aromatherapy essential oils. along with the lead-free organic cotton wick, providing a cleaner, longer burn.

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Cutter CitroGuard 20-Ounce Insect Repellent Triple Wick Candle

Repels mosquitoes and other fling insects
Made with real citronella oil
Each candle burns for up to 40 hours

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Gifts to Her Soy Scented Candles Gifts Set for Women, Aromatherapy Candles Lavender Long Lasting Time with smokeless,Birthday Gifts for Women-4Pack

Fragrance Scented: Lemon, Lavender, Mediterranean Fig and Spring 4 Perfumes in 1 Set
Long Lasting: Each 4.4 Oz can burns 30 HOURS, total 120 HOURS burning time.
Natural Soy Wax: Made of natural Soy wax, pure cotton thread and essential oil, SMOKELESS, NO HARM TO HUMAN.

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Haobell Gifts for Women – Scented Candles 100% Pure Natural Soybean Wax with Plant Essential Oils for Stress Relief Aromatherapy

MARBLE CUP: Scented candles hold with marble embossed ceramic cup, more upscale than glass cup, a perfect choice gift for lover, friends, families.
WIDE USE: After using up the aroma candles, the ceramic cup can hold tableware, pens, makeup brushes and even can be used in flowers arrangement.
LUXURY FRAGRANCE: You can feel sweet flowers scent of the top notes to soothe moods, and fresh flowers scent during the middle notes to calm down, finally is light musk fragrance to make you sleep well, all these give you a luxurious enjoyments.

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KISEER 6 Pcs Low Temperature Candles Low Heat Romantic Candles Wax for Couples, Wedding, Home Decoration

The candles are made of medical grade hairdressing wax, eco-friendly material, non-toxic for safe use. They are low melting point candles.
Candle burning temperature for about 52 degrees centigrade, absolutely will not burn your skin, just a hot sensation, Helps increase the atmosphere between couples and lovers.
long thin candles are in pretty colors, couples can use it to decorate your house, room to create more feelings, spice up the romantic atmosphere.

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MOTINI Hand-Poured 4 Pack Scented Candles Nature Soy Wax 36 Hours Burn Time Aromatherapy Candles for Stress Relief

This MOTINI Scented Jar Candle in glass container features a unique fragrance in a beautifully colored glass container. The unique and elegant colored glass jar is a beautiful accessory for any home. These scented candles come with a exquisite box. Gift ideas Perfect for birthday gifts for women, holiday, travel, wedding anniversary, Mother’s day gift, Christmas gift or special festival event.
Each scented candle burn time 9 hours. Each candle comes in a small glass container and measures 2.4” H x 2.25” W x 2.25” D, so you can tuck them nearly anywhere you please.
These Candles are made from the finest midwest-grown soybeans the earth-friendly alternative that is natural, biodegradable and renewable. Natural soy wax with Natural essential oils candle burns cleanly and is free of toxicant. Candle contains no palm, have extremely low soot production and is environmentally friendly.

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